Meet the Chef
July 23, 2018


Bryan Lee


Chef Bryan Li is the Chinese Executive Chef of Huang Ting, an exquisite Chinese courtyard restaurant serving Cantonese cuisine, dim sum and Beijing specialty dishes. Chef Bryan is responsible for all cuisines served at Huang Ting, and the hotel’s Chinese banquet operations. 

A Hong Kong native, Chef Bryan brings more than 33 years of high-level culinary experience at leading hotels and prestigious restaurants in Hong Kong and Mainland China. He began his career at the Shenzhen Bay Hotel, and has since worked at the Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Harbor Plaza Metropolis Kowloon, Hong Kong, and was Executive Chef at Grand Hyatt Shanghai. Chef Bryan joined The Peninsula Beijing from his role as Chinese Executive Chef at W Hotel Hong Kong.

A Passion for Excellence


Throughout his career, Chef Bryan has demonstrated an enduring passion for authentic Cantonese cuisine. He continues to spend considerable time, both in and out of the kitchen, researching traditional culinary techniques in order to prepare classic Cantonese cooking and healthy modern adaptations for guests to savor.

Premium Flavors


For each of his delicious dishes, Chef Bryan selects only the finest, freshest produce, which he prepares in timeless Cantonese style to preserve the original taste and texture of each ingredient. He believes that fine Cantonese cuisine should also be healthy and packed with a variety of natural flavors.

Modern Chinese Fine Dining


Chef Bryan likes to combine traditional and progressive Cantonese cooking styles to create memorable dining experiences for guests and local diners in Beijing. His exciting seasonal menus recognize that dining preferences are constantly changing, and that health and wellness are an increasingly prized part of the fine Chinese dining experience. 

Diners at Huang Ting appreciate Chef Bryan’s alluring combination of authentic Cantonese classics, such as Stir-fried prawn with mashed salted egg yolk and broccoli, Stir-fried mandarin fish rolled with “Kin Hua” ham, black mushroom and celery and his own inventive signature dishes, including Stir-fried diced Australian wagyu beef with crispy garlic and Wood-fried crispy chicken.