Meet The Chef - Felix | The Peninsula Hong Kong

Chef Juan Gomez brings almost three decades of culinary experience to his new position as Felix’s executive chef. Joining The Peninsula Hong Kong’s modern European destination is his most recent endeavour, capping off a resume teeming with culinary capitals, Michelin-stars, and esteemed awards. 

Chef Juan’s career has spanned the globe several times, seeing him traverse continents to take up residency at restaurants in Spain, Australia, the U.K., the Middle East and beyond. His most recent position as the executive chef for one of Bahrain’s most respected restaurant groups saw him leading gastronomical development across a number of restaurants. Since 2005, Chef Juan has also leant his expertise to destinations as a chef consultant, sharing his knowledge and insight of Spanish fare with restaurants around the world. 

With expertise in everything from casual fare to fine dining, chef Juan’s speciality remains Mediterranean with a modern European lens to his cooking. He looks forward to sharing his 28 years of skill and culinary craftsmanship with guests of Felix.