“Journey Through Time: Ukiyo-e Project” | The Peninsula Tokyo

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Lifestyle shot at Lobby


At The Peninsula Tokyo, our Artist Mr. OZ, will create three different hotel original Ukiyo-e designs, offering a glimpse into daily life at The Peninsula Tokyo. Explore a mix of the past (Edo Period) and present time, including the scene at the main entrance, Afternoon Tea in The Lobby, and scenic view of Hibiya and Ginza where the hotel is located. Three designs also share a playful hidden character – the gargoyle, inherited from the previous building as the building’s guardian, and now situated in the corner of the hotel on the 7th floor.

During Mr. OZ’s two-week sojourn at The Peninsula Tokyo, he completes three acrylic paintings, while guests are invited to discover uniquely artistic experiences by freely visiting his atelier and open studio at The Lobby. The artworks are displayed in the entrance and The Lobby from late September 2023.


About Ukiyo-e

Ukiyo-e, an almost 375-year-old style of art from the mid-Edo Period flourished from the 16th to 18th century, is the artistry of traditional Japanese woodblock print, which features multiple colors and is printed on fine Washi paper. Produced by an illustrator, an engraver, a printer, and the publishers who combined these craftsmen, were printed in the Edo period to depict all kinds of fashionable things. Later, they became popular overseas for their bold composition and vivid colors and had a great influence on Impressionist painters such as Van Gogh and Monet.


Introduction of the Producer/Artist:


The UKIYO-E PROJECT, established in 2014 by Yuka Mitsui, aims to bridge the timeless essence of Ukiyo-e art with the contemporary world. This innovative venture utilizes traditional woodblock printing techniques to portray modern icons and landscapes. Its groundbreaking approach has garnered international acclaim and earned a place in prestigious institutions like the British Museum in London, the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna, and the University of Miami Library. Learn more at ukiyoe.today.


Painter: OZ-Ozu - Keisuke Yamaguchi
Mr. Oz seamlessly blends the profound philosophy and sensibilities of Japanese art with contemporary concepts and techniques. While actively promoting the tradition of votive offerings and cultural heritage, he has showcased his versatile artistic expression through solo exhibitions abroad and participation in art festivals.


Carver: Saeko Nagai 
After graduating from Kyoto College of Traditional Crafts, she underwent rigorous training under Sekioka Senrei III. After six years of apprenticeship, she established her own studio in Sumida-ku, Tokyo. 
A member of the Association for the Preservation of Ukiyo-e Woodblock Engraving and Printmaking Techniques, and the Tokyo Traditional Woodblock Print Association.


Carver: Sayumi Abe
Following three years of woodworking studies at a design college, Ms. Abe further honed her craft under the tutelage of Sekioka Senrei III. After completing six years of training, she founded her studio in Arakawa-ku, Tokyo. Abe is a member of the Association for the Preservation of Ukiyo-e Woodblock Engraving and Printmaking Techniques, and the Tokyo Traditional Woodblock Print Association.


Printmaker: Nobuto Ogawa
Ogawa Nobuto's artistic journey began after graduating from university. He studied under Kawachi Hidekatsu, who continued the lineage of woodblock printers dating back to the Edo period. With eight years of experience, Ogawa has completed his training and now works as an independent printmaker.