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The Peninsula Tokyo welcomes you with your loved furry four-legged guest (one dog) up to 15kg

Dog Stay Program

The Peninsula Tokyo

Memorable Stay With Your Most Loyal Friend

The Peninsula Tokyo welcomes you with your four-legged furry guest (one dog per room) up to 15kg for an additional fee of JPY 15,000 per night.

To provide an unforgettable experience for all of your family members, The Peninsula Tokyo offers a selection of special dog amenities ranging from a sumptuous bed designed by P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle And You) to water bowls to recommendations from our Concierge team for local dog-friendly restaurants, café and parks. Pamper your pet doggie with various services including a walk with our iconic Page, rental of the hotel’s Page dog uniform, varied dog menu, and more.


Please note that the dog program is applicable to Suite bookings only. A limited number of dogs are accepted on a daily basis. 


For more information or to make a reservation, please contact Reservations Department at +81 3 6270 2288 or


Terms and Conditions:

  • The dog must have received and be current with all required shots and immunizations under the Rabies Prevention Act of Japan. A copy of the record must be produced if necessary upon check-in at the hotel.

  • The dog stay program is subject to availability. Additional fee of JPY 15,000 (inclusive of local tax) per night will be charged on top of the room rate.
  • The hotel accepts one dog per room at a maximum weight of 15kg.

  •  When outside the guestroom, the dog must be hand carried or placed in a pet carrier for the health, safety, and concern of all other hotel guests.
  • If left alone in the guest room, the dog should be in its pet carrier or crate. The limit for which a dog may be left alone is two hours.

  • If the dog is not crated or in a carrier and is alone during housekeeping service, the guestroom will not be serviced for the day.

  • The dog must be kept out of the hotel’s restaurants (except The Nest at Peter and Naka Dori Café), banquet rooms, The Peninsula Spa, the health club, and retail shops.

  • The dog must be kept out of the guestroom bathroom.

  • The dog shall be walked to relieve it of bodily functions on the OUTER perimeter of the hotel property, away from the side of the building and flower beds. Excrement must be cleaned so as not to inconvenience other pedestrians.

  • Advanced reservation is required for a dog walk by a Peninsula Page. Page Dog uniforms are limited in size and quantity.

  • The Peninsula branded dog bed and bowl are provided for on complimentary rental basis throughout the duration of the stay. Items are limited in quantity and are subject to availability.

  • Guest will accept full responsibility for any and all damages and/or unusual degree of soiling caused by the dog during the stay at the hotel and all costs for the repair of any damages or additional cleaning requirements will be charged to the guest’s credit card  on file accordingly.

  • Barking, biting, and other harmful and troublesome behaviors will not be tolerated. Should there be any problem, the dog will be asked to be placed in a carrier or crate or leave the hotel.

  • Guest shall assume full and complete responsibility for any personal injury or property damage caused by their dog suffered to any guest, employee, or invitee of the hotel. In the event that such personal injuries or damage does occur, guest indemnify, defend and hold harmless the hotel together with its past or present officers, directors, employees, agents, insurers, affiliated companies and successors (hereinafter called “Indemnitees”), for any claim that may arise.