Contemporary Art Exhibition | The Peninsula Paris

The Peninsula Paris celebrates contemporary art
October 10, 2017

Sculptor, performer and photographer, Liu Bolin is an accomplished and versatile Chinese artist. This autumn, The Peninsula Paris will be hosting a collection of his unique and resonant works combining photography, body art and living sculpture. Sometimes called the “invisible man”, he poses for hours in front of a wall, landscape or monument until he melts into the background like a chameleon. “I choose locations that have very strong symbolic meanings in terms of politics, environment, culture, etc., which correspond to the message I want to convey. Some people say that I disappear into the decor; I see it rather as the environment that absorbs me,” explained Liu.

The “Target-Chinese Fans” series, presented in this exhibition, is a collection of complex and highly poetic works crafted with various artistic mediums and inspired by myriad sources. Artistic and philosophical currents from both East and West are superposed in each work: groups of models strike typical poses found in certain Renaissance paintings and create, thanks to Liu Bolin’s skilful body painting, traditional Chinese landscapes reminiscent of the shan shui (mountains and water) depicted on Yuan or Ming dynasty fans. 

Partner of the Paris Photo show, The Peninsula Paris is seizing the opportunity to celebrate its Asian roots by paying tribute to contemporary Chinese art in collaboration with Liu Bolin. Through his works, the public discovers a unique artistic language, a spectacular fusion of colour and optical art that invites them on a captivating and mesmerising cultural journey.

Exhibition: 7 to 30 November 2017
Viewing location: Galerie Corbero – restaurant LiLi at The Peninsula Paris
In collaboration with the Galerie Paris-Beijing, 62 rue de Turbigo, 75003 Paris