Sushi Hot Spot

Sushi Hot Spot
June 19, 2017

Sometimes less is more, and if Ichimura’s unassuming exterior is anything to go by, you can expect nothing but the best at this minimalist Japanese eatery in TriBeCa. The ‘sushi astronaut’ has landed…

Acclaimed itamae Eiji Ichimura (ex-Brushstroke) relaunches his highly exclusive and wildly popular, daily-changing omakase concept inside a crisp, clean-lined 10-seat boite. The cost is $300 per head for a two-hour meal, but this exquisite dining experience is well worth it.

Don’t assume the softly-lit, brick-and-wood interiors will be doing cartwheels either – the space is subtly neutral, with a row of pale timber-and-leather chairs drawn up to a large grainy quartz-topped counter table. There are no distractions from art or design hi-jinks, just a simple modern palette to showcase the 62-year-old masterchef at work.

The Tokyo-born maestro has spent three decades perfecting his silky sushi- and sashimi-making skills in NYC, and now experiments with the art of ageing techniques – from salting to adding vinegar – to max the umami flavours of his fish, offering them alongside fresh cuts. He serves delicate morsels including locally sourced mirugai (giant clam), abalone, and bluefin tuna from Kyushu, paired with natural wines, sakes, beers and Japanese whiskeys. Feedback on the zensai (appetiser) course, so Ichimura-san can customise your meal to suit your tastes.

Book well ahead for the twice-nightly sittings – reservations are welcome, bucking the trend for walk-ins only at foodie hot spots.

Ichimura / 69 Leonard St / +1 212 404 4600 / 5.30pm-midnight daily, 1-3pm Sat /

Photo © Evan Sung, Sasha Maslov