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COVID-19 Hygiene & Safety Protocols

Throughout our history of nearly a century, The Peninsula Hotels has weathered many highs and lows. We feel it is our strong legacy, resilience and exceptional heritage which enables us to overcome adversity and emerge stronger.


As a Hong Kong headquartered company, we believe our experience from the 2003 SARS crisis places us at the forefront of setting the standards for hygiene and safety within the luxury hospitality sector.


The safety, health and wellbeing of our guests and our employees remains our highest priority. We are committed to providing an exceptional and unparalleled experience, including increased health and hygiene measures that go beyond the necessary protocols required by local government authorities. Many of these efforts will be noticeable, such as the distancing of tables, face masks worn by employees and temperature checks. We are also making an enormous effort behind the scenes with several initiatives that will not be noticeable to guests.


While some of these efforts may be temporary, The Peninsula Hotels is committed to continue to review and refine our protocols to ensure our guests continue to enjoy relaxing and memorable Peninsula moments.     

What our guests may not notice, but rest assured it’s being done

  • While already present in some of our hotels, each hotel will have a dedicated Hygiene Manager. This position reports directly to the Hotel Manager and through training, inspection and laboratory testing is responsible for ensuring that the hotel’s high hygiene standards are met in guest rooms, public spaces, restaurants and bars, spa, fitness centre, transportation fleet, back-of-house area and any space where guests and employees are present.
  • New processes and increased frequency of cleaning of air filters and air handling units have been implemented.
  • Dedicated housekeeping teams continue to provide best-in-class service through a regimented procedure that prioritises areas of the guestrooms to ensure there is no cross contamination and that the environment remains clean throughout the process. We have also increased the sanitising of frequently touched surfaces in public areas and guest rooms, such as telephones, remote controls and tablets.
  • Trialling the utilisation of new cleaning technologies and advancements, such as Premium Purity and Germagic. These products, when applied to surfaces, become self-disinfecting with the ability to decompose bacteria, viruses and airborne mould spores. Also, we are working with partners who use UV technology to ensure hospital grade disinfection.
  • Conducting post Covid-19 process training, developed for employees to ensure they are well-prepared to provide a safe, clean and secure environment.
  • Requiring all third-party providers to ensure their adherence to Peninsula’s strict cleaning standards for any service provided, such as car transportation.
  • Colour coding system for cleaning supplies is being utilised to ensure no inadvertent contamination of guest and public areas.

The Peninsula Hotels was founded from a desire to provide travellers with a safe, clean, comfortable and luxurious respite after a long journey. This principle lives on today with our dedicated and loyal employees who graciously await our guests’ return.


We understand that some guests may want to know more, so we kindly invite them to speak with a Peninsula representative to answer any questions they may have.


Download a copy of the COVID-19 Hygiene & Safety Protocols