Solar Eclipse Viewing Party | The Peninsula Chicago

Total Solar Eclipse Viewing Party at Shanghai Terrace
September 13, 2017

On August 21, 2017, The United States experienced its first Total Solar Eclipse visible from coast to coast in 99 years. Characterized by the moon completely covering the sun, the Total Solar Eclipse allowed viewers in its path to witness an amazing view of the sun’s corona. This celestial event happened when the moon passed between the sun and earth, and blocked all (or a portion of) the sun for up to three hours from beginning to end. Viewers all over the country took a pause in their day to sneak outside and view the once-in-a-lifetime event. 

With the peak of the Eclipse taking place at 1:19 PM in Chicago, The Peninsula celebrated by inviting hotel guests to Shanghai Terrace to view the sun with official Solar Eclipse viewing glasses. Beautifully decorated Solar Eclipse cookies created by The Peninsula’s talented pastry team were served alongside refreshments as guests watched the Eclipse throughout the afternoon.  Even Peter Bear made an appearance to witness it!