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Lincoln Schatz: "The Impossibility of Place"


The Peninsula Chicago is honored to feature this exclusive exhibit by photographer, Lincoln Schatz, through 2018 in our 5th floor lobby.

Lincoln Schatz, a local to Chicago, finds inspiration in the immersion of nature. His works provide an escape from the urban landscape and explore time and place within the immensity of our world. The experience of being in a forest, on a mountain, in a lake or ocean confronts him with just how insignificant one’s place is in both the physical world and in relation to the history of the world.

The Forest Walk Aspen photographs address the experience of hiking into the forests outside of Aspen, Colorado. As time passes during these trips, one’s eyes begin to adjust away from cities and phone screen. The eyes begin to reset, allowing the surprising density of the forest to overlay in one’s mind and memory.

The Lichen Big Sky, Montana and Lost Coast 17 photographs address detailed aspects of forests found in Wyoming, Montana and California. These photographs, in some ways, are the inverse of the Forest Walk, in that they provide detailed, up-close mapping of microcosms in the forest that modify themselves over time in infinite ways.


We invite you to explore this exhibit and find more information on his website