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Jing Meet the Chef


Chef de Cuisine William Mahi

As a Michelin-starred contemporary French restaurant in Beijing, Jing is one of the capital’s hottest dining destinations. French-born Chef de Cuisine, William Mahi, is a highly innovative chef who draws inspirations from elements of daily life and nature and infuses the colours of each season into his gastronomic masterworks. Chef William prepares exquisite French cuisines with artistic presentations to delight guests at this award-winning dining venue styled like a secret garden.

William Mahi was born in the Basque region of southwest France and began his culinary journey at the tender age of 14. He worked as an apprentice at one Michelin-starred La Table des Fréres Ibarboure. Four years later, as an 18-year-old, he joined three Michelin-starred Chef Michel Del Burgo, and for the next seven years refined his craft at several prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants in France. From 2013 to 2014, he worked as Executive Chef at two Michelin-starred restaurant Spondi in Athens, Greece. From 2014 to 2021, living abroad has enriched chef William’s gourmet experiences and encouraged him to constantly seek diverse inspirations to enhance his cuisines.

Chef William celebrates the authentic taste and providence of each individual ingredient. By pairing timeless French cooking techniques with flourishes of artistic finesse, he skillfully creates dining experiences that delight the eyes and surprise the taste buds. His experiences of helming renowned restaurants on different continents have inspired a passion for exploring the unique ingredients and aesthetics of local cultures, and subtly incorporating them into his a la carte dishes and tasting menus.

This season, Chef William presents a specially curated menu to redefine sophisticated modern French dining for gourmands in the Chinese capital. Each dish conveys a delicious array of colours, flavours and emotions to create infinite culinary surprises for guests.

“This menu is born of my French roots. It is a culmination of my cooking around the world in the past two decades. It is inspired by my love of the mountains, seas and rivers, and from the bustle of dynamic cities. Each dish is carefully executed by our talented culinary team, as we work passionately and respectfully with the most exquisite ingredients we can source,” said Jing’s new Chef de Cuisine William Mahi.