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Chinese Cuisine Executive Chef Ball Yau

Born and trained in Hong Kong, Chef Yau’s authentic Cantonese cuisine and flair for elegant presentation have for long delighted discerning diners in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen and Macau.

The Peninsula Bangkok invites guests to experience Chef Yau’s exquisite Cantonese cuisine at Mei Jiang. Over a career spanning more than 25 years, Chef Yau has gained exceptional experience at stellar Chinese restaurants and five-star hotels in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China. He has managed kitchens that have earned coveted Michelin Stars, and he is the holder of a coveted Golden Chef Award. Cooking at The Peninsula Bangkok is Chef Yau’s first role in a non-Chinese speaking country, and he is enjoying showcasing his culinary creations to discerning guests from across Thailand and around the world.

Born and bred in Hong Kong, Chef Yau’s family has lived in Sai Kung village for generations. As a child, he was fascinated by cooking and observed his mother as she prepared the family meals, especially traditional double-boiled soups. This inspired his dream of becoming a chef. At the age of 13, Chef Yau’s parents asked him to prepare the family dinner each evening. He avidly watched the TV show Mrs Fong’s Cooking Time, and took note of recipes, including his childhood favourite dish: double-boiled soups. He applied these new techniques to the clear, rich and tasty soups he made at home. His family was so impressed, that even today he still incorporates these elements into his menus.

Chef Yau’s desire for creating Cantonese flavour combinations was born, and at school he longed for each day to finish so he could head to the market to select new ingredients. Dreaming of embarking on a cooking career, he quarrelled with his mother over his desire to quit school. He was not to be deterred, and took his first job in a restaurant kitchen at the age of 17. Chef Yau has been cooking professionally ever since, and has studied expert techniques from several Chinese master chefs.

At Mei Jiang, Chef Yau delights diners with his timeless Chinese culinary traditions combined a with contemporary flair and innovative presentation. After more than 25 years of refining his craft, he is passionate about using fresh Chinese and locally-sourced ingredients to create classic yet elegant flavour combinations, such as the Cantonese double-boiled soups he has been perfecting since his childhood.

Chef Yau’s impressive career includes a successful eight-year stint with the Lei Garden restaurant group in Hong Kong. Widely recognised in Hong Kong gourmet circles as an emerging star, Chef Yau became Head Chef at Lei Garden Mongkok and Lei Garden Shatin. Both restaurants earned Michelin stars, and Lei Garden Mongkok was later awarded a rare second Michelin star. After achieving widespread acclaim in Hong Kong, Chef Lau relocated to Lei Garden Macau to helm the kitchens at the prestigious Venetian Macau Resort, where he stayed for two years.

A fluent Mandarin and Cantonese speaker, Chef Yau moved to Beijing in 2013 to become Head Chef at 1949 Jin Bao Street, one of Beijing’s most stylish dining destinations. In 2015, he relocated from the Chinese Capital to the country’s southern coastline to become Executive Chinese Chef at The Langham Shenzhen, a position he held until joining The Peninsula Bangkok.