Les Dimanches au Galop + Saut Hermès

Horsin’ Around
March 01, 2017

For horsey fun for the whole family spend a day at the races at Paris’s Les Dimanches au Galop. Kids can join in with a treasure hunt and ride the beautiful carousel while adults will lap up the fine cuisine of the restaurants and the excitement of the races that have enchanted Parisians for centuries.

The popular event is split across two of the city’s racecourses, Hippodrome Auteuil beside Bois de Boulogne in the 16th arrondissement (Sun 12 & 26 Mar, Mon 17 Apr) and Hippodrome Saint-Cloud a skip west (Sun 2 Apr & Mon 1 May). Doors open from noon, when kids can help Mizz Azalée-Claire, a cute unicorn, fulfill her dreams of becoming a racehorse. Younger children can also enjoy pony rides or play in the Galop Kids village. Older children, or adults, can discover what life is like in a jockey’s saddle by taking a spin on a horse-racing simulator. Races start at 1pm, with eight fast-paced thrillers each day churning up the turf.

Chic race fans will also love Saut Hermès au Grand Palais (17-18 Mar), the 8th edition of the prestigious show jumping competition where you can see the world’s finest riders strut their stuff in the magnificent, glass-roofed Grand Palais. Each day hosts a different programme with an atmospheric evening event on Saturday 18 March and equestrian shows. Luxe leather brand Hermès’ saddle-making heritage trots on!
Les Dimanches au Galop / 12 & 26 Mar, 17 Apr: Auteuil Racecourse / Route d'Auteuil aux Lacs, 16th / or 2 Apr, 1 May: Saint-Cloud Racecourse / 1 rue du Camp Canadien / +33 8 92 97 20 00 / billetterie.france-galop.com

Saut Hermès / Grand Palais / ave Winston-Churchill, 8th / +33 1 40 17 40 00 / 17-19 Mar / sauthermes.com