Beep, Beep! It’s the Peninsula Jeepney


The exclusive and unique Filipino Jeepney adds a distinctively Filipino touch to The Peninsula Manila’s already impressive transportation fleet.

If there’s one thing that stands out from the daily kaleidoscopic sea of vehicles that ply the streets of Manila, it’s none other than the iconic Philippine jeepney. Known to be the undisputed “King of the Road,” The Peninsula Manila recently added a distinctively Filipino touch to its transportation fleet with the arrival of its very own bespoke and custom-fitted The Peninsula Jeepney that guests young and old will love riding when discovering the sights and sounds of the city.

Jeepneys, the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines, were originally made from US military jeeps that were left behind by the American troops after World War II. These surplus vehicles were then transformed and personalized by Filipinos, adding a metal roof, chrome-plated décor and an extended body with two parallel benches to seat more passengers. They were typically decorated and painted with vibrant colors, often reflecting the owner’s personality and the rich Filipino culture.

The hotel's brand new customized Jeepney is based on an original Art Deco-inspired 1955 Willys Jeepney owned by Sarao Motors, one of the Philippines’ pioneering jeepney manufacturing companies; established in 1953 by Leonardo Sarao, a mechanic and a former calesa (horse-drawn carriage) driver. At its peak, the ratio of Sarao Jeepneys rolling the streets of Manila outnumbered that of other manufacturers by nearly seven to one.

The Peninsula Jeepney can seat eight passengers and features air-conditioned interiors, tan leather seating, complimentary WiFi and a mini-bar offering iced drinking water and cold towels for hotel guests. It’s finished in signature Peninsula Brewster Green and the ubiquitous, flamboyant chrome fixtures that make the jeepney an iconic symbol of Philippine culture.

The Peninsula Jeepney joins the hotel’s brand-new fleet of six BMW luxury cars, which are used as hotel limousines. Guests can use them to navigate through Manila's bustling streets to get to nearby shopping and tourist spots.