When East meets West | The Peninsula Paris

When East meets West
June 25, 2017

Highlighting its Asian origins, the serene Peninsula Spa setting is a veritable urban retreat at the heart of the City of Lights, seamlessly blending the best of each culture. Inspired by traditional Asian elements, the Spa’s contemporary indoor decor and furnishings feature a variety of materials such as wood, granite and marble while the soothing colour scheme completes an ambiance of plenitude. The client experience begins in the Asian Tea Lounge, a reception area serving a selection of rare teas, featuring the French brand Yemaya, as well as detox fruit and vegetable juices by Good Organic Only.

After a beauty treatment, clients can extend their feel-good interlude by ordering from the new Healthy menu designed by the Executive Chef Christophe Raoux and his team. Drawing their inspiration from the finest Asian cuisine, they have carefully planned a culinary journey that treats clients to a dashi of fine kale bouillon, a quinoa salad served with spirulina crisps or flavourful steamed dim sum with micro-plankton.

Ever since its opening, the spa – one of today’s go-to Parisian beauty spots – joined forces with the French “Haute Couture” cosmetics brand Biologique Recherche for its facial treatments. Created nearly 40 years ago by Yvan and Josette Allouche, biologist and physiotherapist respectively, Biologique Recherche is based on the fact that everyone’s skin is unique and deserves a specific needs diagnosis at the moment treatment is given. Since spring 2017, spa clients can also enjoy bespoke body & scalp treatments from the French brand.

From the beginning of June you can also find the new brand Cha Ling: the spirit of tea, exclusively at The Peninsula Spa. The perfect embodiment of The Peninsula Paris philosophy, this French-Chinese brand combines the best of two worlds through a line of unique care products and protocols. It blends French excellence and traditional Chinese know-how to create effective and natural formulations that pamper the senses. The star ingredient of Cha Ling is Pu’er tea from the forests in Yunnan province: the purest and rarest tea with the highest concentration of detoxifying properties. Sophisticated and delightful care rituals are offered throughout the day, respecting the body’s natural rhythm cycles. In fact, Cha Ling’s signature treatment is available in 3 different movements: morning, afternoon and evening, to re-launch, harmonise and raise or adjust the Yin and the Yang.

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