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The Sweet Smell of Hermès

terça-feira, 3 de novembro de 2015
A Perfume Library by Hermès

When is a boutique not a boutique? When Hermès is behind it. Somehow, the ultimate luxury brand circumvents pretension when it insists that its newest Big Apple opening is not actually a store, but rather, a perfume library.

And to all extents and purposes that’s exactly what it is – a global first catalogue of the perfumes that have been so integral to the maison’s identity since it started creating them.

Designed in collaboration with RDAI and RF Studio, the space itself is an exercise in Hermès-esque luxury; the finest quality raw materials appointed to exquisite ends. Here, concrete, wood and metal take the place of leather, while the signature scarves are showcased via eye-popping, backlit wall fixtures.

But you’re not here for the decor, however divine. You’re here because you’ve followed the nose of Jean-Claude Ellena, the premier parfumier who has been crafting the brand’s signature scents since 2003.

The full portfolio, from classics such as Eau d’Hermès and Calèche, to contemporary creations like Un Jardin en Méditeranée and the Hermessence collection, are ready to whiff n’ wear. Plus, Céline Ellena – Jean-Claude’s daughter, who oversees the home fragrance side of things – has developed an exclusive scented candle for the boutique, sorry, library, inspired by the bouquet of a flower-festooned New York deli. Scent-sational!

Brookfield Place / 225 Liberty St / +1 212 786 3311 / 10am-6pm Mon-Sat / hermes.com/perfumes

All photos courtesy of Hermès © F. Oudeman