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Taste of Mie

06 février 2014
Mie Terrace

The Japanese capital is a treasure trove of national cuisine from most all of the 47 prefectures, with the best of the country’s offering to be found all around town if only you know the right place to look – be it a hidden, unsigned alleyway in Ginza, or a standout spot among busy Ebisu yakitori street stalls. But for those hailing from Japan’s Mie prefecture, it has proven difficult to track down regional goods and culinary delights… until now, that is, with the arrival of Nihonbashi newcomer Mie Terrace.

 Occupying a space comprising a store, restaurant and event situ, this one-stop Mie shop is devoted to better representing the region in Tokyo. To that end, they’ve decorated almost exclusively with local goods – wooden lattice ceilings are made to mimic the region’s famed Isejingu shrine, hinoki wood is sourced from Owase city and Banko yaki tiles hail from Yokkaichi city. On the showroom shelves, you’ll find everything from Akafuku mochi and Ise Udon to Matsusaka beef and an extensive selection of local sakes and beers; while in the casual ‘Mitsukiriya’ canteen, executive chef Shinichi Sato’s menu serves up the aforementioned regional produce and more ‘Italian-style’ fare – think winter risotto with Kumano and Matoya oysters, black garlic grilled Ise chicken, and sweets like panna cotta made with local soy milk. Simply marvellous one stop Mie shop!
1/F / Yuito Annex / Senbiki-ya Bldg / 2-4-1 Nihonbashi / Chuo-ku / +81 3 5542 1030 / shop 10am-8pm, restaurant 11am-11pm / mieterrace.jp