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School's Out

27 février 2014

Recess by Chef Chris

Mention the term ‘panizza’ to any Filipino foodie and they will likely regale you with tales of a curious pizza-cum-canapé that begins life on the plate as a thin, rectangular-shaped pie, only to be cut in strips and rolled-up into bite-sized portions. Foreigners might be left scratching their heads, but this local delicacy has been widely embraced and oft imitated, though with rather limited success. Chef Chris Locher’s fabled iteration was always deemed best and only to be found at C’Italian Dining in Angeles City… until now, that is. 

The Swiss-born chef has finally brought his signature panizza to the Metro by way of Recess, a whimsical but stylish new school-themed restaurant showcasing student lockers, periodic symbols and blackboard menus, as well as a sleek whisky bar serving cheekily monikered cocktails like 'Detention'. His wheat-based panizzas come piled high with toppings like roast lamb and lemon pepper-seasoned shrimp with grilled red beets and feta cheese (The Titanium), or saucy angus beef, maple bacon, pineapple, and field mushrooms (The Platinum), and pre-cut into inch-wide strips ready to be covered with fresh arugula and alfalfa sprouts and hand-rolled into the delectable morsels. A culinary education it may be, but the lesson doesn’t end there: if you can unravel the answer to a mind-bending in-house geometry equation you get a free dessert too. Easy as pie!

50 Jupiter St / Bel Air / Makati / +63 2 899 1818 / 11am-10pm daily / facebook.com/RecessbyChefChris