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Standing Out From The Crowd

24 avril 2014

Black Sheep

‘Black sheep’ is an English term often used to describe a wayward member of the family, and has traditionally carried negative connotations, but depending on how you look at it, this benighted creature also stands out from the all-too-familiar flock of mediocrity. Well, to say chef Jordy Navarra’s fun and modern approach to local food stands out from the Manila restaurant family would be an understatement. Black Sheep, a single malt whisky bar and restaurant in the W Fifth Avenue penthouse, already sits head and shoulders above most Manila establishments thanks to a sleek, stripped-back, creamy interior and jaw-dropping views of the cityscape... and that’s before you’ve even tried the food.

The four-course set menu starts with appetisers like Chicken and Egg, a juicy morsel of organic chicken deep-fried in dark beer, and grazed with an orange foam and salty salmon roe; and longganisa sausage cream on a bed of crispy pork flakes, black rice and sour vinegar jelly. The main dishes are invariably paired: the line-fresh River Eel comes with baby scallops in a light-cured clam broth, alongside a chilled tumbler of smoky Lagavulin; while the 36-hour confit Pork and Chicken resting on a vinegar foam, watermelon radish and truffle sand, comes together with a Goldfinger cocktail. We’re beginning to think that being the black sheep of the family isn’t so bad after all!

The Penthouse / W Fifth Avenue bldg / corner 32nd and 5th / Bonifacio Global City / Taguig / +63 2 478 4498 / blacksheepbgc.com