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Steak Frites

20 février 2014

La Vache!

With local culinary hotspots Boqueria, Motorino and Chom Chom already under its belt, it’s fair to say the Black Sheep Restaurants group has a fairly decent grip on Hong Kong’s dining scene. But not content to rest on their Spanish, Pizza and Vietnamese-mastery laurels, BSR has gone and added yet another feather to its cap, or should we say, beret.
La Vache! does one thing, and does it darn well: succulent, perfectly-seared, Parisian brasserie-style steak frites. There’s no menu, and in fact there’s very little decision making required other than how you’d like your steak cooked. Once that’s sorted, diners savour fresh-baked baguette slices with French butter, a crisp, lightly-dressed green salad starter, and then the main event. Your cut of prime ribeye is not served in its entirety; the last third sits warming over a candle in the centre of the table while you get to work on the rest. Similarly, thin, crunchy frites are served in two batches to ensure freshness, and a sinful ‘secret recipe’ béarnaise sauce will have you casting all post-holiday diet hopes to the wind. There’s a roster of classic pastries to finish (dulce de leche éclair, mille-feuille), plus kirs, cassis, liqueurs and wines to accompany. Tout simplement magnifique!
48 Peel St / Central / +852 2880 0248 / dinner daily / lavache.com.hk