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Roll With It

06 février 2014

Q Sushi

Now, we are all for minimising our carbon footprint by eating locally-sourced and seasonal produce (and given the current trend in farm-to-table dining, this is hardly difficult to do), but sometimes an occasion calls for all-out extravagant, airmiles-be-damned dining, even more so when the meal in question is sushi. What with it being served raw, on the whole, there really is no way of masking a pitifully defrosted shrimp – fish must be straight-from-the-line fresh. Understandable then that Q Sushi, a slick new omakase-only option in the heart of Downtown, makes no apologies for its impressive selection of imported fare... but then, this isn’t your average lunchtime bento box counter.

Since the tsunami devastation of his former six-seat Tokyo eatery in 2011, chef Hiroyuki Naruke has turned his masterly hand and keen-edged yanagi to tantalising Angeleno diners with his daily-changing 20-course set menu of Edomae-style sashimi served over vinegar-seasoned rice. Start by dipping into some seasonal veggie bites and miso soup with grated bamboo, then dive into the diverse selection of fresh catch, including bonito (flown in overnight from Japan), black sea bass, scorpion fish brushed with a house soy, giant clams, abalone cooked in sake for eight hours, spicy mahi belly, white shrimp, Scottish salmon, New Zealand golden-eye snapper, and uni from closer-to-home San Diego. Just roll with it...

521 W 7th St / Downtown / +1 213 225 6285 / qsushila.com