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On-Trend Trinkets

20 février 2014

Ubi Gallery

Although Beijing boasts no shortage of jewellery stores (whether you’re looking for dime-a-dozen baubles or carat-classed diamonds), it was only a few years ago that Dutch artist Machtelt Schelling thought to establish the city’s first contemporary jewellery showroom, Ubi Gallery. And now that the powers that be are realising the importance of supporting local designers and emerging talent, they’ve given the curious store a spot in the recently revamped Zhujia Hutong where Schelling has branched out into contemporary Chinese ceramics, together with jewellery designs from other countries such as The Netherlands, Korea, Italy, France, the UK, and Japan.

The design and craft of contemporary jewellery has also recently been introduced to the curriculum of Beijing’s art schools, so there are plenty of exciting names to look out for – of particular note are Li Liang’s coral-esque rings crafted from brushed gold and delicate pink china, and Xiao Liu’s coloured paper pulp, natural gemstone and solid silver brooches. Meanwhile from the international rosta, it may prove hard to resist the allures of Korean artist Choonsun Moon’s fabulous statement necklaces made from layered and swirling blocks of colourful paper, wood and plastic; or JAS/MV’s wonderfully odd and misshapen cups covered in elegant grey-blue transfers and motifs. Credit cards at the ready, gals!

Zhujia Hutong / 62 Yangmeizhu St / Xicheng / +86 10 6303 7541 / 11.30am-6.30pm Wed-Sun / ubigallery.com