Hot New Art Show: Autophoto
April 26, 2017

Indulge your love affair with fast cars at this hotly anticipated new exhibition at the Fondation Cartier, dedicated to photography’s relationship with the automobile. Covering vintage, luxury, low-tech and cutting-edge wheels, ‘Autophoto’ celebrates vehicles with va-va-voom from 1900 to today, with some of the startling images that have made them iconic.

Thirty years after seminal show ‘Hommage à Ferrari’, the foundation turns its attention to cars again, exploring the way the rise of the automobile furnished photographers with fresh subject matter, a different point of view and expanded horizons. The car has radically altered our conception of time and space, reshaping our landscape.
Running until 24 September, the exhibition gathers 500 black-and-white and colour works by 100 historic and contemporary photographers from around the world, including major names such as France’s Jacques Henri Lartigue, American Lee Friedlander, Japanese-American Yasuhiro Ishimoto and Brazilian Rosângela Rennó. Other legendary talents in the frame are Robert Adams, Eve Arnold, Brassaï, Larry Clark, William Eggleston, Walker Evans, Robert Frank, Martin Parr, Man Ray, Juergen Teller and Weegee. Images span graphic shots through the rear-view mirror, geometric roadways, and shoots capturing the fashionable status symbol of cars (think pink!).

French artist Alain Bublex has created a series of car models specially for the show. Also look out for Turtle 1, the first African car made from scratch, including photos and video of its construction. Brmm brmm!

20 Apr – 24 Sept, 2017.
Fondation Cartier / 261 blvd Raspail, 14th / +33 1 42 18 56 50 / 11am-8pm Wed-Sun, until 10pm Tue /