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New Fragrance Boutique
April 30, 2017

Sniffing out your signature summer fragrance? Then your nose will soon lead you to the heaven-scent first NY outpost of niche Argentine scent laboratory and candle atelier Fueguia 1833, only recently unveiled in a stunning space on SoHo’s fashionable Crosby Street, designed by interior decor whizz Tony Chi.

Fueguia 1833 Patagonia Laboratorio de Perfumes, to give the label its full title, was actually founded by in-house perfumer Julian Bedel and Amalia Amoedo in 2010 in Buenos Aires. The brand draws inspiration from the exotic, biodiverse flora of South America, alongside naturalists and writers including Charles Darwin, Carl Linnaeus, and Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges.

Fragrances come in recyclable glass bottles and handcrafted wooden boxes, with hand-signed labels. Wood for the boxes hails from fallen trees in the forests of Patagonia, the country’s wow-worthy alpine wilderness. Recent unisex scents include Laberinto, Cuentos de la Selva and Ambar de los Andes, influenced by uncluttered, nature, new native species (harvested sustainably) and rare, stripped-back molecules.

Immerse yourself in the scents in-store, thanks to a patented system of glass domes on wooden blocks allowing you to experience each perfume individually, floating within. The surrounds are just as luxurious, from deep-blue curtains to gold accents, soft lighting and one-off guitars, which Bedel loves making.

With boutiques in Buenos Aires, Milan and Tokyo, and launches in the pipeline for Los Angeles, London and Hong Kong, we can’t get enough of Fueguia’s fragrant adventures and the wild spirit of Patagonia…

Fueguia 1833 / 21 Crosby St / SoHo / +1 646 692 3051 / 11am-8pm daily /