Art Show: Hanna Pettyjohn

Art Show: Hanna Pettyjohn
June 05, 2017

Hanna Pettyjohn, a mantle of

Award-winning Filipino-American artist and ceramicist Hanna Pettyjohn returns to Manila with her new solo show at the wonderful Silverlens Gallery, a minimal, former warehouse at Makati City’s Lapanday Center.

Born in Manila in 1983, the daughter of acclaimed ceramicists Jon and Tessy Pettyjohn, Hanna studied painting and now lives and works in Dallas. Her work takes inspiration from the Philippines’ global diaspora and its impact on identity, expressing feelings of alienation, loss and anxiety in both large-scale painted portraits and sculptural installations. Narratives of memory, nostalgia and loneliness are recurrent themes in her striking art, which tackles the experience of the uprooted with personal insights.

Having exhibited internationally from Hong Kong to Singapore, Taipei and Miami, Pettyjohn’s award-winning work is keenly collected by fans. Silverlens show ‘A mantle of’ by Hanna Pettyjohn continues the artist’s previous use of poured clay, cracked earth and tactile textures, with components mined from an earlier painting believed lost in a fire.

A collage of disparate works and fragments, it includes still-life textiles and drapes, and self-portraits amid landscapes of waterless soil, with repeated motifs from stitched fabric to strands of hair layered together. Warm raw umber is washed over canvases, left exposed in areas and contrasted with thicker paint. Coiled, canvas-coloured sculptures, made from unglazed, flattened clay, are modelled on blankets. Mantles, and the emotional idea of returning home to sanctuary, shape the show.

7 Jun – 8 Jul, 2017.

Silverlens Gallery
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