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Tempura and Sushi Master Class

June 17, 2015

Head Chef Teruyuki Kojima, the mastermind behind the Japanese banquet and wedding cuisine served at The Peninsula Tokyo since the hotel’s founding in 2007, shares his expertise in an intimate class that teaches participants aged 12 and up how to prepare two of the best-loved types of Japanese food: tempura and sushi. Tempura, made by dipping seafood or vegetables in a light batter of water, flour and eggs and then deep-frying, is an easy enough cooking method, yet there are tricks to yielding it perfectly crisp on the outside and tenderly moist inside. 

For the sushi portion of the class, Chef Kojima will teach techniques for making both nigiri, the classic style best known outside Japan, and maki wraps, which are especially popular with children and are a favourite staple of home parties in Japan. During the hands-on class, Chef Kojima will discuss elements central to Japanese cooking, such as the emphasis on balance and harmony in flavour, colour, and texture. 
Afterwards, participants will enjoy a four-course lunch featuring these Japanese specialties, served in the privacy of a Banquet venue reserved solely for them. The four-hour program, which is offered for a minimum of two and a maximum of four people, also includes a behind-the-scenes kitchen and restaurant tour lead by Chef Kojima. The charge is JPY 96,000 for 2 persons and JPY 121,000 for 3 persons (inclusive of sales tax and subject to a 15% service charge). A souvenir certificate and photo will be provided to each participant.