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Second City

June 17, 2015
Next Big Comedy Star

This once-in-a-lifetime-experience is perfect for an individual, a couple, or even a group who dream of being the Next Big Comedy Star! Guests will enjoy a private Second City Improv or Stand Up Comedy Class, a behind-the-scenes tour of the theater and more.

After arriving to the hotel, guests of the Second City: Next Big Comedy Star programme will be whisked to a private, one-hour comedy class at Second City in a Peninsula bespoke MINI Cooper.

Second City is Chicago’s premier comedy theater, well-known for launching the careers of many famous comedians including: Mike Myers, Bill Murray, Belushi brothers, Dan Akroyd, Tina Fey, Gilda Radner, Chris Farley and many more. You will be among the stages where these talented comedians once performed for a private, hour-long comedy class before an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the theatre.

After an afternoon of laughs, you will work up an appetite! Guests will be chauffeured to The Lobby for a customized, three-course dinner.

After dinner in The Lobby, guests will be take a ride in the bespoke MINI Cooper back to Second City to be entertained by the professionals in one of their famous Improv shows. After all of the laughs and your educational experience at this illustrious comedy mecca, you’ll be on your way to becoming the Next Big Comedy Star!