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Stairway to Heaven

A Journey to Rebalance your Chi

Revel in a tranquil oasis of peace and harmony at one of China’s most illustrious landscapes. The 267-hectare Temple of Heaven stretches out from a wide forecourt perfect for guests to witness Beijing’s dynamic culture. The highlight of the park, and a strikingly beautiful icon in its own right, is the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests where guests will experience a slow and gentle tai chi exercise, followed by a Naturally Peninsula brunch welcoming them back to the hotel. This Peninsula Academy reveals the historical significance of the Temple of Heaven to events of paramount importance in the Chinese imperial calendar. 

The journey begins with a chauffeured transfer to a morning private tour of the historic park, where a tai chi master will offer insight into what went on behind the cleverly constructed building commissioned by the Qing dynasty’s emperor, Qianlong. Later that morning, guests will be whisked away to personally experience the basic movements of tai chi. This fascinating exercise is said to unblock and encourage the proper flow of qi or energy force thought to stream through the body. Tai chi is also said to promote a balance of one’s yin and yang, gently keeping your opposing elements in harmony. The morning culminates in a Naturally Peninsula brunch at Huang Ting prepared to enhance your rejuvenating experience.

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