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Hawaiian Breakfast

February 20, 2014

Moke’s Bread and Breakfast

The Hawaiians have their own special cuisine – a tropical mix of American-meets-island, with no shortage of Japanese influences (think state foods like ‘poke’ (soy marinated and chopped ahi tuna), ‘saimin’ (soba noodle soup), and ‘loco moco’ (white rice topped with a hamburger patty, fried egg and gravy). Though traditionally Hawaii has adapted flavours from Asia, last year it was the Japanese who were treated to a taste of the Pacific Islands when Honolulu’s beloved Moke’s Bread and Breakfast set up shop in Tokyo’s Nakameguro neighbourhood.
In hometown Hawaii it’s a family-run diner specialising in pancakes and feel-good food, and the casual café vibe has been applied at the Tokyo branch as well, with simply appointed interiors featuring white banquettes, wooden chairs, and a pastel palette. The all-day breakfast fare has already made a lasting impact on adventurous locals; particularly popular are the ‘Lilikoi’ pancakes, smothered generously in a sauce combining passion fruit purée with cream cheese to smooth perfection. If you prefer something a bit more conventional, there’s an excellent banana pancake as well, or for savoury bites there’s the ‘Moke Nui’, a Hawaiian omelette filled with all the fixings, and ‘spam burger pancakes’ for the daring. As they say in Hawaii – aloha kakahiaka!
1-17-8 Kamimeguro / Meguro / +81 3 6451 2400 / 10am-10pm daily /