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Settle Among the Petals

May 25, 2015
Fleur Universelle & Les Grands Arbres
English speakers might need an idiom to make them ‘stop and smell the roses’, but in fanatically floral Japan flowers are an integral part of everyday life, celebrated in both nationwide Hanami festivals and the traditional spiritual art form of Ikebana floristry.

In fact, so batty for blooms are many Tokyoites that the capital has sprouted a number of cute cafes set inside florists, perfect for those that prefer their pot of tea with a side of tulips. And one of the prettiest of these is Hiroo’s Les Grands Arbres, a lovely wood-wrapped, flora-filled space perched above flower shop, Fleur Universelle.

Creep down the side street and keep your peepers peeled for the tall old tree – complete with a mini treehouse that shades the entrance. Step inside and you’ll find a forest of hydrangeas, roses, lilies and lilacs, all carefully arranged on upcycled timber crates.

But don’t take too long nosing the sweet-scented selection, for upstairs await more florid plucks, here teamed with simple organic fare like flavour-packed salads and generous sandwiches.

Sweet-tooths will be sated with fluffy pancakes topped with a warm caramel sauce, or on sunny summer days head up to the rooftop terrace where you can pick over charcuterie or a seasonal veggie pasta – and in this instance we’ll forgive you for swapping the chamomile for a chardonnay. Bloomin’ marvellous.

5-15-11 Minato-ku / Hiroo / +81 3 5791 1212 / 11:00 am-10:00 pm Mon-Sat, till 7:00 pm Sun /