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Demystifying The Sake Haze

March 28, 2014
Oboro Saketen
Oboro Saketen, Shinbashi’s newest dedicated sake boutique, takes its name from the Japanese word meaning 'hazy', which is all too appropriate considering that the world of this national drink and iconic delicacy can be rather a challenge for the uninitiated to navigate – especially the uninitiated who have the extra disadvantage of a language barrier. Thankfully Oboro proprietor Jun Okuma has set about demystifying the broad and complex industry for the would-be international connoisseur, using expertise gained through his years working as a retail sake buyer, as well as his excellent English communication skills, honed during a stint living in the US.
Okuma’s close relationship with both top-end manufacturers like Taka, Jaikon and Furosen, and local izakayas, along with his own tried and tested pairing experience with sakes of all regions and grades, led to the creation of Oboro’s monthly, themed tasting events, where at least 5 premium bottles are sampled and their components like yeast, filtering, aging and rice varietals discussed. Try the rich, lavender-infused Junmai Ginjo from Jikon, or a full-bodied Furosen from Shiga that pairs especially well with meat dishes, and if you like what you taste simply place your order for Okuma to have delivered to your door. Hazy? Not anymore!
5-29-2 Shinbashi / Minato-ku / +81 3 6809 2334 / closed Sat night & Sun /