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Well, Show Me the Way…

September 21, 2015

Whisky Corner
Whisky, whisky everywhere and so many drams to drink… It’s not a common complaint, particularly not one voiced by connoisseurs of the amber nectar, and certainly not by Shanghai bar owner Bill Zhong. 

However, he did find that thirsty patrons were quick to bemoan the lack of space at his diminutive 10-seat drinking den. Not one to wallow at the bottom of a bottle, he upped sticks and moved his intimate imbiber Whisky Corner to bigger digs just off Panyu Lu.
Larger, certainly, but still not exactly cavernous, the new incarnation has sacrificed nothing of the former’s charm, seating less than 20 liquor-sippers at a time. What it has made more room for, though, is the peaty pours.
Zhong clearly knows his stuff and is more than happy to impart some whisky wisdom, should you require it. The collection has grown to 200+ bottles, with a superb selection of scotches from Islay (including 18-year aged Bowmore), Jura (one of which is 16-year old) and Skye (a 30-year aged Talisker). There’s only a svelte US offering, but the decent list of Japanese pours more than makes up for it, and quite right too.
Not a fan of the aqua vitae? Don’t fret. There’s a good variety of wines, cocktails and crafty brews to whet that whistle. Sláinte!

1155 Yanyan Xi Lu / near Panyu Lu / Changning / +81 137 9528 7559 / 4pm-2am daily