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Merci, Monceau

September 07, 2015

Monceau Lifestyle

Paris might keep its own Monceau a closely guarded secret (it’s a fantastic folly garden in the 8th, shhh), but it looks like the cat is already out of the bag when it comes to Shanghai’s Monceau Lifestyle. 

Similar to its namesake in as much as a cafe-cum-florist can be to a primped and preened park, Xuhui’s new dining desti is, quite simply, blooming marvellous.
Sitting pretty on a verdant stretch of Wulumqi Nan Lu, at first you might be forgiven for assuming that beautiful bouquets, potted perennials and stout little shrubs were all that’s on the menu here. However, part the floor-to-ceiling flora and you’ll discover a dishy little eatelier.
Perhaps unsurprisingly for a jardin-inspired joint, the green-theme continues inside with vases perched atop rustic hardwood-edged glass tables and vegetation hanging from the timber ceiling. Sidle into a seat and, depending on the time of day, indulge in a lavish luncheon or a spot of afternoon tea served in twee china pots.
Highlights have to be the moules marinière followed by the chocolate mousse with blackcurrant sauce and ‘soil’. And the best thing? You can earn maximum partner points with food and flowers. Merci, Monceau!

202-5 Wulumuqi Nan Lu / Xuhui / +86 10 6404 2766 / 10.30am-11pm daily /