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Yog-ahh Zen Den

July 23, 2014
Yoga Shanti

The New York state of mind got your brain feeling fried? Well, it may well relish its status as the city that never sleeps but when you’re in need of a brief respite from the ceaseless heave and bustle, why not head to haven of quiet, Yoga Shanti, in Flatiron? Established by world-renowned yoga teachers Colleen Saidman and Rodney Yee, this den of Zen offers classes ranging from beginner to advanced, as well as self-practice sessions, that will have you realigned, rejuvenated and ready to bite back into that Big Apple.

Step inside the studio and you’re immediately transported from manic Midtown to a Moroccan oasis of arabesque archways, saffron coloured walls and ornate gem-like lanterns. Recent arrivals should make for the main studio where a Shanti Flow class is guaranteed to stretch out flight-stiffened muscles and help kick the jet lag. Or if you aren’t up to pulling any pretzel-like shapes just yet, try a restorative Urban Zen session which combines aromatherapy with reiki and meditation (no prior yoga experience needed). For those flexible folk who have already perfected their downward dog and peacock pose, Yoga Shanti also offers regular expert-led workshops and seminars to deepen your meditation knowledge and improve your practice. Right ohm.

46 West 24th St / +1 212 255 9642 / daily / see for class schedule