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Adventurous Theatre

November 03, 2016
The Encounter
If you’ve ever fantasized about being a snapper for a major magazine, or capturing unforgettable images of people, places and faces from exotic lands, then NY Broadway show The Encounter will give you an adrenaline rush. Featuring just one man on a darkly lit stage, it nevertheless manages to throw open the doors of perception, and hold the audience in the palm of its hand.
In a triple whammy, it’s conceived, directed and performed by award-winning Simon McBurney, co-founder and artistic director of innovative British theatre company Complicite, who originated this work, now showing at Midtown’s Golden Theatre.
A one-man-show, it tells the epic story of National Geographic photographer Loren McIntyre, who got lost on assignment with an Amazonian tribe in Brazil in 1969. The resulting encounters changed his life, and bring up riveting questions about how we should all live ours. A consummate, physical storyteller, McBurney interweaves this tale with his own journey from his home in London to the Amazon rainforest.
Audiences have been astounded by this powerful night of theatre, which immerses them in the show through a range of audio and technological techniques. Audience members even wear headphones to experience jungle sounds in detail.
If you liked Ben Stiller’s fantastical 2013 movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (about a lowly Life magazine picture researcher who reinvents himself as a globetrotting thrill-seeker), this one’s for you…
Until 8 Jan, 2017.

The Encounter
/ Golden Theatre / 252 W 45th St / Midtown / +1 212 239 6200 /

Photo © Joan Marcus