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In The Kitchen With…

May 13, 2014
The League of Kitchens
New York City is famous the world over for its multiculturalism, and equally so for its diverse panoply of foreign cuisines, as so many recent PenCities articles have paid testament (Marco’s, Kefi, Mission Cantina and Bisutoro to name but a few), but quite another thing is to be able to skilfully cook foreign fare in the comfort of your own home. Cue the unveiling of first-of-its-kind cooking school, The League of Kitchens, an immersive culinary experience where immigrants, including Greek, Indian, Korean, Bangladeshi, Afghani, and Lebanese women, teach intimate 5-person workshops in their own kitchens.

Pick up the kind of fascinating traditional techniques you might not otherwise see on the cookery channel, like how to make kimchi with Korean Sunny, who grows her own nappa cabbage, ferments it in large ceramic jars and buries it in her backyard, or sanjeok (grilled, seasoned sliced beef and vegetables) using the ancestral ceremony. With Lebanese instructor Jeanette, learn how to make yogurt from scratch, strain it and dress it to create labneh, as well as master the art of crafting creamy hummus, zingy tabbouleh, and chewy fragrant date cookies. Best of all, when the class is over you can feast on the fruits of your labour, then take home a booklet filled with family recipes and a starter kit of ingredients. Neat!

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