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Williamsburg Interiors

May 16, 2013

First opened in 1996 by creative duo Thomas Gibson and John Erik Karkula, the furniture store then-named Breukelen sought to bring the work of local artisans to the forefront of interior design. Despite a rocky start involving Karkula taking the reigns without his former partner, the shop always retained a strong, loyal following of patrons eager to stock their homes with the hard-to-find lifestyle wares for which the company had become known for sourcing. 17 years, 5 different locations and 1 name change later, the newly-monikered Karkula headed home to Brooklyn in February 2013, reopening in a sprawling 2,200 sq ft Williamsburg showroom designed by local architect Philipp Mohr.

But while its location and name may have changed, Karkula’s collections have remained varied and on-trend, with stock ranging from funky lighting by Michelle James and Refer + Staer to vintage-inspired wooden chairs from Nate Favor, Bocci’s artistic brass bowls and a cubus storage system crafted from European hardwood by Team 7. Curved white art deco-style Mi chairs from Giovanni Pagnotta also sit alongside e15’s Habibi tray tables, and Danskina’s array of luxurious rugs made from bamboo and wool (also bespoke) set the scene for the owner’s namesake furniture range, which includes a Tequila brass side table with cantilevered leather surface. Chic!

98 South 4th St / Williamsburg
/ +1 212 645 2216 /