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All In The Detail

January 24, 2013
Fine & Dandy

In days of yore no self-respecting gentleman would be seen dead without sock suspenders, trouser braces, a tie pin and boutonniere, a style stance that was, until recently, nothing short of anathema to the casual Friday generation of today. But if any good can be said to have come from the global financial crisis, it has to be the introspection and retrospection, which in fashion terms has meant a gentle stroll down memory lane to nostalgia land, where men wore suits and jaws were square. A casual glance on any city street confirms the influence that cult TV shows like Mad Men have had on today’s well-dressed buck, and answering that call too is Hell’s Kitchen accessories treasure chest Fine and Dandy.

Opened by men’s accoutrement aficionados Matt Fox and Enrique Crame III, the tiny 300 sq ft store is literally an Aladdin’s cave of sartorial necessities from assorted own-brand pocket squares and ties, to cummerbunds, bow ties, cigarette cases, shirt garters and arm bands, along with collar stays, Hawleywoods hair pomade, hip flasks, wallets, boaters and fedoras. But just in case there was any risk of all this ending up in a rose-tinted dead end of ‘good ol’ days’ bravura, bear in mind the sales are processed on iPad via Square payment and the receipt is emailed to you. How’s that for the modern gentleman!

445 West 49th Street / +1 212 247 4847