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Bouley Cooking Classes

March 14, 2013
Bouley Test Kitchen

He’s proved himself a deft hand at both French and Japanese gastronomy, with eponymous fine-diner Bouley and quietly elegant Brushstroke garnering him critical and popular acclaim from devotees near and far, and now David Bouley is bringing his expertise to the masses, with a series of Test Kitchen classes to be staged between March and May this year. Bouley himself will teach a different Mediterranean genre each week including salads, meat, sweets and tapas, advising not only on preparation technique but also on ingredient selection and how to design a menu that can be recreated at home. The 16 classes will be held in Bouley’s state-of-the-art kitchen, where a 200sq ft slate ‘chalkboard’ wall will detail recipes’ origin and techniques, and a library of 8,000 cookbooks are on hand for inspiration.

Choose from a variety of lessons like ‘Living Healthy’ on March 25th, which focuses on delicious dishes that promote a balanced diet, ‘Fruits and Desserts’ on April 2nd, where attendees will master the delectable Catalan crème brûlée and Spanish favourite strawberry soup with ice cream yoghurt. Later sessions include the paella-perfecting ‘Pride of Valencia’ (April 13th), and a class on how to prepare the ideal weekend brunch (April 20th). With such a stellar host you can be sure places will fill up quickly, so be sure to book well ahead to avoid disappointment. Pots and pans at the ready!

163 Duane St / Classes cost $175 per person,
 or call +1 212 964 2525 to book