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Subic Survival Skills

February 23, 2015
Subic Forest Trail Tour

When the US Navy Seals and Special Forces Units first made Subic Bay in the Philippines one of their major bases during the Vietnam War in 1964, it wasn’t long before they noticed the survival skills of the indigenous Aeta clan, who lived in the nearby Subic Forest. Looking to add such indispensable knowledge to their own arsenal, the GIs soon befriended the Aetas, who in turn taught them the ways of the jungle. If you’ve ever fancied yourself a bit of a Rambo, now’s your chance to learn from a pro. Seasoned chieftain Dominador ‘Tata Kasoy’ Liwanag, one of the original tribesmen to teach the Americans, will lead you on an immersive exploration of the lush Subic undergrowth.

The tour sets off deep inside the monkey-filled jungle, along the Pamulaklakin trail, where Kasoy – dressed in traditional indigenous garb – will give a fascinating overview of the local wildlife and plants, some of which have medicinal properties, can be used as shampoo or even a source of clean water. Participants can also expect demonstrations of the generations-old mountaineering and survival techniques that Kasoy’s tribe still uses today, such as crafting cooking tools from bamboo, setting up animal traps, and the all-important art of starting a fire without a match. Natch!

Call Mylene Castro on +63 9 2168 27175 to arrange a tour.