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Get a Pizza the Action

September 01, 2014


While in the past successful restaurants may have spawned a secondary location in the same city, or, at a stretch, the same state, today’s culinary landscape is dominated by big ‘brand’ names represented the world over, from Batali to Ramsay to Jean-Georges. Joining the big leagues and cementing its place in the global fray now comes Brooklyn pizzeria Motorino, whose grander aspirations and devastatingly good pies have seen it win over not just the fickle NYC slice scene, but also Hong Kong (via two local branches) and now Manilan dining hub Makati City.

In a casual, spacious dining room of wire-caged light fixtures, monochrome tones and a chic pressed-tin ceiling, hungry crowds eagerly await the lavishly-heaped, wood-fired pizzas issuing forth from the bustling open kitchen. After plying and stretching the disks of dough, chefs top the pies with one of nine, mostly classic offerings including a signature margherita, spicy soppressata piccante and a less traditional meatball-topped flavour that nods to the store’s New York roots. Along with the perfectly chewy-crispy slices, diners can choose from a small selection of antipasti and desserts along with a dozen Italian wines, plus a handful of Asian-tinged classic cocktails like a pineapple mango margarita. What are you waiting for? Get in for a pizza the action!

3/F / Greenbelt 3 / Makati City / 11am-11pm Sun-Thu, 11am-midnight Fri-Sat / +63 2 754 8018 /