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Catch of the Day

July 27, 2015
Ming Kee Live Seafood Restaurant

If you’ve ever been to Singapore, you’ll know that the Lion City loves its chow. And those who’ve slurped up any of their national dishes will instantly understand why. Take, for example, the tastebud-tantalising triple-cooked crustacean at fab crab stalwart Ming Kee Live Seafood. A longtime love of claw crackers in the city-state, this moreish but messy morsel is poised to become a fast favourite of Manila’s food fans following the opening of its first international outpost on Makati Avenue.

Guaranteed to get that mandible moving, Manila’s Ming Kee is tastefully true to its appetising southern Chinese Teochew origins. However, the decor makes an upmarket departure from its overseas sibling. Exposed brick, polished concrete and hardwood flooring lend a mod-industrial feel to Lazy Susan-aided proceedings on the third floor, while second-floor private dining rooms offer sleek intimacy and avenue views. Or those keen to oversee kitchen capers – and who aren’t opposed to being ogled by fish-filled live tanks – should get their knees under on the ground floor for a piece of the front-row action.

Naturally, what’s occupying those aqueous aquariums is the main attraction; mussels, clams, oysters, lobsters, crabs and more, flip-fresh and dressed for dinner. Signature dishes include owner-chef’s Ivan Tam’s tried-and-trusted drunken prawns with herbs and the fabled thrice-cooked crab beehoon – a steamed, braised and stir-fried marvel infused with housemade chili-based peanut sauce imported from Singapore. Utterly crab-ulous!

7852 Makati Ave / Poblacion / Makati / +63 2 893 4533 / lunch & dinner daily /