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Top-shelf Tequila

June 13, 2014

A’ Toda Madre

Often seen as a fast and efficient means of getting embarrassingly blotto, tequila has become a frat party slammer favourite the world over, but in Mexico – the historical home of this potent plonk – it’s a different story entirely. Tequila is traditionally drunk not only neat, but also without any adulteration (commonly lime and/or salt), and most importantly, it’s meant to be sipped slowly and savoured. With this in mind, Filipino-American brothers Aljor and Sante Perreras decided to launch Manila’s first ever devoted tequila bar, packing over 80 varieties of top-notch 100% blue agave tequila, as well as a killer house margarita mixed with tequila blanco, agave nectar, fresh lime juice and a dash of Cointreau.


As one might expect in a Mexican bar, the walls have been generously daubed in colourful Dia de los Muertos murals, and the beautifully carved glass/ceramic bottles (including Partida Elegante, one of the most expensive tequilas in the world) are displayed on a stretch of mirrored shelves. Although patrons come for the drinks, many stay for the Cali-Mexican street food that includes buttered sweetcorn in a spiced feta and chipotle mayo; homemade tostadas topped with shredded chipotle chicken; chicharrones (crispy pork rinds) in a red salsa; and chilled mackerel ceviche marinated with lime, tomatoes, and jalapeños. Ay Madre, que delicia!


G/F / Sunette Twr / Durban St, cnr Makati Ave / +63 998 999 1521 / 5pm-2am daily, brunch Sun /