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Craft Beer Pioneer

March 30, 2014
Young Master Brewery

With Yo-Ho Brewery opening their first bar in Tokyo, Katipunan Ales going from strength to strength in Manila, and Great Leap Brewing branching out in Beijing, here in Hong Kong we were starting to feel a little despondent, nay downright hurt, that the craft beer craze sweeping across Asia had seemingly bypassed our fragrant shores. But already at work to put a stop to this travesty in 2013 were New Delhi native Rohit Dugar and German-born brewmaster Ulrich Altbauer, busy raising the funds to grow their own small batch ale company the Young Master Brewery.

Although Hong Kong bars import a few decent ales, die-hard brew boffins will tell you that freshness is important on tap, and for this reason YMB simply does not filter, pasteurise, add preservatives or artificially carbonate any of its product, and proudly proclaims the least distance travelled from grain to glass in Hong Kong. The craft brewery’s tight edit includes, to name a few, the highly alcoholic, dark and chocolatey 1842 Imperial IPA; the Rye Old Fashioned infused with toasted oak and to be served with a dash of bitters; and the Cha Cha Soba Ale, a light matcha green-tea beer meant to evoke the flavours of a bowl of Japanese noodles. Pouring now at a trendy sip-spot near you (The Taproom, Stone Nullah Tavern, The Black Star, Beef & Liberty). Cheers!
Unit 407-9 / Oceanic Industrial Centre / 2 Lee Lok St / Ap Lei Chau /