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The Dim Sum Daddies

July 11, 2016

Top Picks… Dim Sum

Looking to dine with Hong Kong’s most discerning dim-sum seekers? What began as a simple tea treat for travellers on the Silk Road is now a full-blown tradition, and today few cities are better equipped to deliver this famed Cantonese culinary custom.

We’ve forked out the very best the Fragrant Harbour has to offer, from bustling, breakfast boltholes to our favourite lunchtime lairs...

While many save their dumpling desires for midday, you can get your fix as early as 7am, with some traddy restos kicking open their doors as soon as the sun comes up. Luk Yu welcomes early birds for power breakfasts of prawn toast and sweet n’ sour pork in its storied tea house; once the haunt of a gaggle of famed writers, painters and performers and draped in elegant art-deco furnishings.

Or, kick start the morning at noisy, bustly, unapologetic, warts n’ all canteen, Lin Heung, complete with trolley service and fixtures as old as the clientele. The big bun and liver siu mai are gobbled up quickly, so snag a strategic posi near the kitchen for prime pickings.

Once the clock strikes 12, brave the lunchtime stampede at Tim Ho Wan; the cheapest Mich-starred diner in the world, renowned for its delectable, pint-sized char siu bao. Maxim’s Palace City Hall also draws the hordes in its kitsch, old-fashioned banquet hall where diners can perch window-side for a view of the harbour and a free-flow of bamboo baskets delivered via brusque but lovable ladies. Or, try your luck at nearby Lei Garden with the mainstay smorgasbord of flavour-bomb, fried delicacies, as well as an array of more exotic eats including emu’s leg, pig’s face and crocodile skin.

If you’re looking for dim sum n’ then some, up the ante at artsy Oriental stunner Duddell’s, offering a lavish weekend brunch complete with all-you-can-eat barbecued pork buns, braised E-fu noodles, fried beef ribs and free-flow bubbles on a verdant, breezy rooftop. M-goi sai!

Luk Yu
/ G/F / 24 Stanley St / Central / +852 2523 5464 / b’fast, lunch & dinner daily
Lin Heung
/ Tsang Chiu Ho Bldg / 169 Wellington St / Sheung Wan / +852 2544 4556 / all day daily
Tim Ho Wan
/ 9-11 Fuk Wing St / Sham Shui Po / Kowloon / +852 2788 1226 / all day daily / + branch in IFC Mall /
Maxim’s Palace City Hall
/ 2/F / Low Block / City Hall / Central / +852 2521 1303 / lunch & dinner daily / arrive before noon or after 2pm /
Lei Garden
/ 3/F / IFC Mall / Central / +852 2295 0238 / lunch & dinner daily /
/ 3/F / Shanghai Tang Mansion / 1 Duddell St / Central / +852 2525 9191 / lunch & dinner daily /