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A Fashion Fairytale

May 16, 2014
Melissa Bui

Although only recently tipped as the new sweetheart of the Hong Kong fashion scene, it would seem womenswear designer Melissa Bui has been turning heads elsewhere since only her second year at London College of Fashion, when she was selected to design a piece for the Ballets Russes centenary displayed at London’s most prestigious fashion treasurebox, The Victoria & Albert Museum. Obvious talent, plus a major in Embroidery Design, also earned her an internship with the king of embellished clothing, Matthew Williamson, and later, a stint with local couturiers Vivian Luk and Barney Cheng. 

Now unveiling her second collection after the success of S/S14’s 'Antoinette on the Moon', Bui is becoming a firm favourite for women in pursuit of made-to-order, modern-meets-classic clothing. Never one to shy away from opulent elegance, her A/W14 collection, ‘Kaleidoscopic Skies’, has been hand-crafted from European-sourced fabrics like silk, taffeta, satin faced organza, and custom-dyed lambswool, with a modern and vibrant palette of colours, from pale blues and silvery grey to hot orange and fuschia pinks. Add to that a distinctive 1950s silhouette (think vintage Dior), plus a variety of herringbone pleating, geometric embroidery, crystal embellishments, detachable exaggerated bows, collars and belts, and we can see why Bui is the new go-to gal for showstopping couture!

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