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Looking Foxy

May 11, 2015

Maison Kitsuné Gallery

Culturally speaking, foxes have suffered a pretty racy rep. Alright, Disney may have let them off the hook lightly, but from Aesop to Dahl via various other raconteurs, they’re not exactly known for their upstanding behaviour. So it was in typical Reynard fashion, that the crafty creature weaseled its way into a position of significant influential sway in the world of fashion. How exactly? Well, much like the Lacoste crocodile (but oh so much cooler) the tiny fox icon that represents du moment Parisian music label-cum-fashion brand, Maison Kitsuné, has become the identifier of many a hipster across the globe.

At long last, Hong Kong’s fox calls have been heard and Maison Kitsuné has graced the territory with its wily presence – teasingly, at first, with a pop-up gallery in shopportunity central, Causeway Bay. Preceding the permanent position, which is expected in June, founders and creative directors Masaya Kuroki and Gildas Loaëc initiated the city’s hipcats with a capsule collection of foxy little numbers bearing their very own signature marking, ‘Hongkongais’. The sweat, tee and tote embody Kitsuné’s killer aesthetic – simple, modern, effortless – all emblazoned with the graphic, cursive script that determine their wearer as a member of the style skulk. So, what does the fox say? Hongkongais!

Until 15 Jun, 2015.

42 Paterson St / Causeway Bay / noon-10pm daily /