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Scent-sational Sips

March 16, 2015

Some secrets are just meant for sharing. A case in point is Highline, the clandestine new back bar that’s been tickling the senses of Hong Kong’s party set with its boundary-pushing selection of fragrant cocktails. Secreted away behind NYC-style diner Street Meat, this lovely little gold-infused imbiber was conceived by French mixologist Bob Louison and – rather unusually – London’s storied perfumery Penhaligon’s. A quick sniff and snifter, anyone?

Slink through the diminutive diner, and the doors at the rear to discover a lovely neon-lit jewel box of geometric floors, mirrors and minimal seating, which warrants early arrival or comfortable shoes (as if we would expect either from our perennially stylish PenCities readers, tsk!). Once settled, pore over the exquisite range of signature sips that encapsulate the essence of an array of Penhaligon’s fragrances. The Bayolea is mixed with rosemary-infused Gin Mare, mandarin juice, vanilla syrup and petal-filled ice cubes; the vodka-based Vaara with Tasmanian honey and rosewater; and the Lothair with Darjeeling, grapefruit, cardamom and premium vodka. Or for those in need of something less whimsically whiffy, there’s a no-nonsense collection of Scotch and Japanese single malts. And keep those peepers peeled for the regular rota of guest bartenders coming in from around the world. Scent-sational!

Street Meat / 50 Wyndham St / Central / no phone / 6pm-1am Mon-Thu, till 3am Fri-Sat / no res /