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Let There Be Light

June 26, 2014

Soft lighting. Not only is it key to a fabulous complexion, but also of tantamount importance to an inviting home – and shining a soft Edison glow across the living rooms of Chicago is inventive electrician Will Flores. Flores had his first, ahem, ‘light-bulb moment’ in 2011 when he decided to devote his creative talents to repurposing faff and faddle into one-of-a-kind vintage-vibe lighting fixtures. So successful did this original concept prove that three short years later, he’s partnered up with friend Shari Davis to launch LitUp, an ambient showroom home to all his hand-rendered curiosities and creations in the gentrified North Center nabe.

From clever lighting to everyday functional hardware, Flores has teased and tweaked old and new materials to create decorative lamps from vintage gold desk fans, antique trumpets, and chandeliers molded from brassy plumber piping, as well as wine racks carved from gnarled blocks of repurposed wood and ingeniously modern shelves made from characterful old suitcases. Also on offer in-store are a number of quirky trinkets, coffee-, tea-, and beer-themed novelties, and the man himself will even repair granny’s old lamps or custom create an item to your heart’s fantastical desires. Glow on, treat yourself...

4015 N Rockwell St / North Center / +1 347 331 5484 / 11am-7pm Mon-Sat /