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In A Jam

May 02, 2013

With an embarrassment of top-quality organic and whole foods readily available across the state, California is unsurprisingly home to some of the finest artisan condiment producers anywhere in the country. Take Sqirl for example. This charming artisan jam and marmalade company was first launched by Long Beach-native Jessica Koslow in October 2011 as a part production studio, part cooking school project, but thanks to Koslow’s locavore integrity and crowd-pleasing recipes, the brand has now expanded to include an adorable adjoining wood-and-brick cafe where fans can get their dine-in fix.

Along with specialty preserves and pickles made using produce sourced from sustainable, family-owned farms within a 350-mile radius of the studio, Sqirl cafe offers seasonal dishes featuring indulgent and surprising flavour combinations, like brioche toast with chocolate ganache, nut butter and fleur de sel sea salt, and Kokuho rose brown rice with kale pesto, preserved meyer lemon, poached egg, radish, dill, feta and hot sauce.

Sweet temptations such as buttermilk panna cotta, and blood orange gelee with rose geranium cream and pistachios will have you discarding diet plans instantaneously, and take-home treats including organic strawberry and Shady Lady tomato jams, plus Nagami Kumquat marmalade that takes 4 days to make will have have savouring the experience long after the bill is paid.

720 N. Virgil Ave. / +1 213 394 6526 / 7am-4pm Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm Sat-Sun /