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Made-To-Measure Suits

November 21, 2013
Seize Sur Vingt

Los Angeles is a city where fashion matters, and where everything from a vintage jumper to a red carpet gown is considered a statement piece. It’s also the natural next stop for New York-based label Seize Sur Vingt, who have been suiting up dapper gentlemen (and stylish ladies!) for years, and who this autumn set up their second shop in a handsome multi-level Melrose (where else?) space, filled with their eponymous ready-to-wear and made-to-measure selection.

They’ve divided their wares into three tangible tiers of construction: the ‘entry-level’ breathable cotton suits handsewn in Portugal; the more canvassed, lightweight but non-washable iterations; and finally, the SSV suits boasting top tailoring techniques and smart fabrics like Dormeuil wool that conform to the body. What the LA flagship offers that NYC doesn’t is an advanced 3D fitting camera, which sends real-time, three-dimensional footage to the brand’s tailors in Italy, so they may better understand the curves on a body and therefore produce a perfectly customised, form-fitting suit. If that weren’t enough, in addition to the new store and tech advancements, SSV is further growing their brand with a just-launched colourful swimwear collection, plus a line of shoes and leather goods. All-in-one – done!

8618 Melrose Ave / West Hollywood
/ +1 310 657 1620 /